terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2010

Final Report - Learning Objects

For the final report, prof Morten suggested that we compile, refine and expand our learning objects into a learning module.
I tried to build LOs that allowed its use in various courses, that could be transported to others platforms. I used new tools in each one and I chose them taking in account that I could use with my students on my teaching practice.
The LO made at unit1 was made alone but the others two (unit 2 and unit 3) were made with two colleagues.
According to colleagues and professor suggestions I improved my first LO and added personal commnets, in the others LOs the group decided not to change them but add some reflections about the LO’s development.
We decided to make these reflections in an original way and use the "readthewords” tool.
The three videos presented (unit 2 and unit 3) are not intended to show the personal opinion of each one but show the steps that were taken in group. These videos also represent the way we worked: respecting individual flexibility and working together in order to accomplish a specific end or goal.

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